BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados advises on all matters related to the acquisition and transfer (sale, gift, etc.), encumbrance (mortgages, pledges, etc.) and transfer for use (home, business and industrial leases) of movable and immovable property, with a special focus on real estate purchases and holdings in Spain by foreign companies or individuals.

We monitor and oversee lease agreements (updating rents, prior notice, requirements, etc.) and provide clients with insurance covering non-payment of rent, if desired. We also advise clients on damages for breach of contract, damages arising from non-contractual obligations and insurance law.

In general, our civil law services cover the following:

  • Obligations and contracts (sale purchase agreements, donations, etc.)
  • Leasing of homes and business premise
  • Real estate law
  • Private International law
  • Liability for damages
  • Liability for defective products and consumer protection law