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BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados was founded in 1974 by Madrid-based German lawyer Wolf-Wilhelm Bertram to advise German companies investing in Spain. In its early days, which coincided with the opening of the Spanish market to foreign investment, BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados assisted many German companies in getting started and in beginning to develop their business in Spain. BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados thus helped set up the Spanish subsidiaries of well-known German multinationals in the financial, industrial and distribution sectors.

Over time, BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados has consolidated its specialisation in preferential legal counsel to German, Austrian and Swiss companies and has expanded its activities to include legal counsel to both Spanish and international firms. Our clients operate in a wide range of different industries, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors.

BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados has always provided highly specialised legal advice on corporate matters and, more generally, on commercial matters. Counsel on employment matters and litigation is also an inherent component of its core business of advising corporations. Similarly, it has a department specialised in economic criminal law and criminal compliance.

The vast experience we have accumulated over more than 40 years, and the markedly multicultural nature of the firm, allows us to meet the needs of foreign entrepreneurs investing in Spain.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in legal practice and personally take on any matters entrusted to them. Whether its ongoing counsel or an occasional task, all matters are handled by professionals with qualified experience.

BERTRAM & RÜLAND Abogados collaborates with different institutions that train lawyers and has been a full member of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain since it was founded.